What is cloaking?
Many websites function with two versions of content: one shown to the search engines and one shown to the users, in order to manipulate the search engines.
This practice is risky and can be heavily penalised by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
Many web professionals debate the use of this practice, however, our team recommends not doing it.

Of course, users have to complete registration forms to access restricted content, which sometimes cannot be crawled by search engine bots/spiders, but this is never an issue.


Licensed Content

Many blogs or other types of websites who have permission using other pages’ content should use:
meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, follow”
This is to avoid duplicate content issues.
The code has to be introduced in your page’s header.
Many people probably ask if the link juice will be lost. The answer is “No”, and the search engine bots will still index the rest of the content on the page.



Cookies are .txt files stored on user’s hard disk. These can be stored on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.
A an user surfs the web and inserts data, such as usernames and passwords, websites will keep these informations for further sessions, thus a new insert won’t be necessary.

Some types of online advertising, such as Remarketing: the process in which an ad is shown to a user multiple times on different websites, is also the result of cookies.


Session IDs

Session IDs are cookies with expiration dates. They expire when the user closes the browser.


The rel=”NoFollow” attribute

In 2005, Google, Yahoo and Bing agreed to use a common technique to stop automated mass spam, by introducing a link tag which has to be used by web properties who link to other web properties and would like not to pass search engine benefits such as PageRank, trust, anchor text, link juice.

A website that links to another spammy website can be heavily penalised by search engines.
Using NoFollow will still enable Google, Yahoo, Bing spiders to crawl both web pages: the sender and the receiver, but will not pass link value.
Links from ads, sponsors, etc have to be also NoFollow.
Search engines penalise any form of link compensation.


Alex Vultur
SEO expert
Seaside Software Team