WordPress plug-ins

Plug-ins are extensions of the core functionality of the CMS (content management system).
The role of plug-ins is to improve performance, user experience, website security, search engine optimisation, flexibility, etc.

The WordPress plug-in directory contains more than 15.000 active plug-ins.
Most of them are updated regularly by professional web developers, offering free technical support.
There are also a lot of forums on WordPress plug-ins topics.

WordPress is considered one of the best four CMS platforms for search engine optimisation: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Pixelsilk.

Specific Country/Countries SEO

If you want to target a specific country with your website, from an SEO perspective is recommended to have a local TLD, for example: co.uk, or .fr, etc.
You need also a local IP: your website has to be hosted on a local web server.

Other aspects include:

-inserting the physical local address on the main pages of your website

-as part of the website link building strategy, you need to obtain links from other local websites

-setting Google Webmaster Central to your targeted country

-registering your website with Google My Business, also called Google Local: you will receive a letter from Google to your local physical address, with a code, which has to be inserted in your Google My Business account, thus, Google will know that your website is local.

If you already have a strong .com domain, part/all of the above steps won’t be necessary, especially if your targeted country has the same language as your .com domain: english, german, etc.

If you don’t have a strong .com domain, and you’re targeting, for example, three countries, even if they have common language, you will need to have three websites, each one with specific country extension (.de, .at) and hosted separately, each website in each corresponding country.


Alex Vultur
SEO expert
Nottingham, United Kingdom