Rich snippets can boost your ranking

Having detailed, keyword-rich snippets improves your click-through rate.
Searchers tend to click pages that show snippets with keywords related to their search query.
An improved click-through rate determines higher rankings because high click-through rates means lots of relevant traffic, which is a ranking factor in search engines.

Page titles can be generic, describing broad categories, but snippets have to be keyword-rich and as detailed as possible.


Content Quality

Search engines take into consideration certain elements when indexing and ranking content.
The main ones are:

-unique titles and meta description elements

The “thin content” is one of the major issues marketers are dealing with.
Generally is considered “thin content” any type of content that doesn’t contribute enough value for a page.
In a recent conference Google engineers said that usually a page to avoid “thin content” issues has to have at least 50 unique words that are not found on other pages or other websites.

Small changes to an existing text, for example: changing an address, or title, or a category, sorting algorithms and automated tags, do not provide unique added-value.

If you are an online retailer with hundreds or thousands of products, the best way to write descriptions to each of your products, is to create copies from several sources, thus adding value, original content for the user.
A good inspiration are blogs and websites that create product reviews.

Most web developers and SEO practitioners consider a minimum of 250-300 words for an article to have good length.
Search engines like content with long, keyword-rich text. We don’t refer here to keyword stuffing: a practice in which a lot of keywords are included, trying to manipulate search engine bots. This can be heavily penalised by all major search engines.

Benjamin Vultur
SEO expert
Seaside Software Team